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Copycat of the Viral Cilantro Sundae by McDonald's China

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

I love ice cream and I love soft serve. Some of you might know that when I met my husband Turner in China he had two full-time jobs, doing stand-up comedy and running Mr. Softee China Branch.

He was an expert on soft serve. He would tell me that McDonald's sundae was better than KFC's. Burger King's was not too bad either.

Last month, McDonald's China released a limited-time item -- Cilantro Sundae.

I can imagine your reaction. Either you hate cilantro or LOOOOVE it like me. It's actually your genes that determine your feelings for cilantro.

Here is an article if you are interested in learning more about genetic factors.

I couldn't go to China to try the cilantro sundae so I made my own copycat.

Challenge 1: I can't get soft serve near my home so I used Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. It's soft and creamy. The texture resembles soft serve.

Challenge 2: I don't have Yellow #5 or Blue #1 to make the bring green color. So I used spinach to make a natural green coloring.

Step 1 Heat rock sugar and lime juice in a small pot. When the sugar dissolves, reduce the mixture to a glossy lime syrup.

Step 2

Muddle spinach with a little water to make green juice.

You can also add some matcha powder to the lime syrup to make it green. Or if you like mint, add freshly squeezed lime juice to the store-bought green mint syrup.

Step 3

Add green spinach juice to the lime syrup. Drizzle lime syrup on vanilla ice cream.

Step 4

Add dried cilantro.

Step 5


I quite like the lime syrup. The flavor of dried cilantro is not overpowering. It adds a little freshness to the ice cream. I will eat it again.

What ice cream toppings do you like?

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